WIN a KNIFE!!!! At ASK Knife we don’t celebrate just one National Knife Day, we celebrate ASK National Knife Week! So starting Monday until Thursday we are going to give away some ASK knives! Winners will be announced Thursday! All you have to do is a review of your ASK knife and post it here in the Anti-Social Media Page.

19 thoughts on “WIN a KNIFE!!!! At ASK Knife we don’t celebrate just one National Knife Day, we celebrate ASK National Knife Week! So starting Monday until Thursday we are going to give away some ASK knives! Winners will be announced Thursday! All you have to do is a review of your ASK knife and post it here in the Anti-Social Media Page.”

    1. I like how I can customize it to my liking. I also like how lightweight it is and that it’s made is the US.

  1. Ghost_Malone_EDC

    My review of the ASK Jefferson model after carrying it since December 17th 2021

    Basics first, the ASK comes in a nice slide open package, a sticker and a PVD patch are included along with a pullout of ASK’s mission and a rather handsome picture of Sir Greg. Lol. Upon pulling the knife out of the box I instantly noticed that Medford quality and workman ship that goes out in every knife. Flawless lines, spot on centering, and everything just looks like it’s made to be.
    I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the handle material at first but after removing it from the box I noticed that even though the handles are smooth, they still have this tackyness to them that make them feel great in hand and I’ve enjoyed them ever since. I opted to switch out scales as my first way of customizing my ASK, the new black handles had the same good feeling as the originals. Disassembling the knife was a breeze and easy to do, and putting it all back together was just as easy. Since then I’ve also switched a blade, added some other tools, and everything just pops right into place with zero issue. After taking the knife apart several times I figured the pivots would slowly work loose, but nope, they stay tight and I’ve never had one work loose yet. I’ve literally carried this knife for 246 days straight and have never had not 1 issue with it. That shows quality!! There’s not another knife in my 50+ collection with that quality other than my Medfords.
    The bottle opener I found to be funny, and let me explain why I say that. I specifically remeber Greg saying he drove people nuts with the bottle opener and it was the best one he had ever used. So naturally the first thing I used was that tool. Grabbed a tasty Budweiser out of the fridge and let me just say, all that work that went into that bottle opener definitely shows lol. It is by far the craziest easiest bottle opener I’ve ever seen. Like literally there’s no reason a bottle opener should be that good other than to have the rights to say it’s the best!! Love it!!
    The Scraper/Pry has seen its use pretty damn good. I’ve used to it fix the black lining around screen windows, to fix a screen door frame that had been damaged by a falling branch, popped that Pry into the metal frame and just worked it around the door to pop the frame back into place! Saved me from having to buy a whole new door. I’ve recently decided to finally sharpen the scraper and the suggested edge was easy to follow and keep straight. Since then I’ve used that scraper while bushcrafting making tent stakes, nothing out a handle I made for a hammer, scraped/carved some initials into metal, even used it to slice into some pesky roots in my fiancés flower bed that just wouldn’t pull, it just does whatever task I put it too.
    The Blade, listen, I’m not John Rambo taking down and army of men, I’m not killing and skinning crocs like Mick Dundee, like everyone else, most of my usage has been opening packages, cutting tape, general everyday use. I have used to to cut straps, banding, zip ties, and shrink wrap at work. It’s been used for some food prep in the kitchen as a kitchen knife, used it as a steak knife, a general camp knife, whittling, and whatever else someone needed cut because the SAK they have just won’t cut what they need, that’s when you bring in the real deal!! I carried in below zero weather and used it in the snow, and I’ve used it when it’s 104 degrees outside, feels and works the same in both conditions. No hot spots in the hand while holding and and using different tools or the blade. Drop right into the pocket and stays, never had it slide out. I keep it by my bed, not even in my Apache case with all my other knives because it’s the first thing I grab when I wake up. And it stays with me until I go to bed, might seem dumb to some people, but like I said, 246 days straight it’s been on me, so I like to have it available as soon as I wake up. Matter of fact, before summer hit when I first had the knife my furnace had went out in the middle of the night and we woke up freezing, grabbed my ASK, went to the furnace, used it to pop off the cover, used the flat head to remove the igniter, and used the back side of the blade to light scrape off the the build up, put it back together, and it started right up, didn’t have to hunt down tools, or find anything, it was right by my bed ready for use.
    All that being said, get one in your hands, use it, customize it, try it out, you won’t be disappointed. It’s by far, and I mean FAR my favorite most used knife and most trusted that I can do what I need to to do in my whole collection! And last but not least, it’s 100% modular and 100% made in the good ole U.S.A. by hard working Americans. Which is something I stand behind.

    Shawn Simpson/ Ghost Malone EDC

    1. I was looking for the perfect knife to take with me on my daughters Girls Scout troop trip, to teach them about knife safety and use. So my brother let me borrow his ASK knife and let me tell you ASK knife didn’t disappoint! It has a great weight in your hand, the metal it’s made of is such great quality material and the flexibility is INSANE. All of the tools on this knife make it perfect and verities for anyone to own. It would be perfect for backpacking/camping/glove compartment/tools
      Box/gardening and so on A must have for everyone that is looking for great quality. So great I may never let my brother have his back. Highly recommend

  2. Unfortunately I’m not eligible as I haven’t purchased my first ASK yet, but it is high on my to-buy list. I need to take a break from buying MKTs so I can afford buy one. (LOL) I can say that I am a big fan of SAKs so being able to purchase an all American made version is truly exciting for me. This appears to me an amazing all purpose tool and I have seen many very positive reviews of the knife. I look forward to adding one to my collection soon.

  3. The quality never stops. Generational knives and tools. Greg Medford’s Legacy: Family and His Knives & Tools.

  4. The blade shape and profile is lovely and very useful. The ASK knife in general is a beefed up version of a beloved tool, that is made in the USA! What more could you ask for?
    I really enjoy how the tool is larger than the average SAK, making it easier, and safer to handle during most tasks. The handle material and colors evoke a familiar “charm” that we are all familiar with, and that has become popular worldwide. However, the steel used is modern and acts as an incredible upgrade.
    The ASK promises to be that tool that “walks softly, but carries a big stick”, and that ethos really resonates with me and my daily carry gear.
    Thanks to the MKT team for this opportunity! I promise to put this tool to work if I win 😉

  5. Ordered The Washington Knife in January when the website was first accepting orders. Once I receive I will gladly provide a review. Seeing the numerous videos that Greg has posted over the past 6-8 months on the design and quality of materials I suspect it will be a top notch Medford product.

  6. I wheeled and dealed on a Washington ASK and it is totally awesome. The fit and finish is impeccable. Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. I really enjoy the ASK Jefferson. No, creamcicle vomit is not my favorite color; However, the adaptations you can make to personalize the knife makes it worth the purchase. Am I likely to buy another AND parts to swap out… yes, take my money!

  8. (This is largely from what I told Greg when asked
    about first impressions on the ASK, with some
    more-current commentary as well.)

    It feels really good in hand, much lighter than I remembered from the prototypes at the Shacktory, which is nice. The action is excellent – I’m not well-versed in slipjoints, so I’m not sure what the walk and talk is “supposed” to be, but as far as I can tell, it’s got both in spades. I also love the thickness of the tools; despite the overall weight, it feels like I could put it through reasonably hard use with no issues. The blade shape is very versatile, which for my use is good as I don’t have a specific task I need it for – just general purpose edc. And while I prefer stonewash over riverwash on Medfords, the latter looks great on the ASK (I plan to eventually get a second ASK with black scales and it will look super classy in that coloration).

    I’m looking forward to trying the bottle opener. I don’t typically have beer at the house simply because we don’t have time to drink it lol. I compared it to the one on the Leatherman FREE P4, and the little hook does look like it’ll make a big difference as you’ve mentioned.

    I think a lot of folks will be looking forward to the pocket clip mod, as am I. I’m not a big fan of my knife being down in the pocket where it’s hard to reach, so I’m really excited about having a clip on it.

    I’ve taken it apart a couple times now, and I love the customizability of it. That said, it is a bit difficult to put back together, especially the middle liners.

    Overall, it is a fantastic knife! I’ve used the chisel tool more than anything else; it’s just so utilitarian and comes in handy a lot. I would certainly recommend the American Service Knife to everybody.

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