Our Mission

We built this Multi-tool brand out of our extensive experience and perspective in the ultra-high-end EDC aficionado market in America

Our balance of form and function was informed by the materials and expectations of the most serious EDC & Tool users and collectors on the planet. 
Obviously, we have entered a market dominated by one European company, but that means there is a world of room for new ideas!  ASK brings a spirit of Adventure, Creativity, Innovation, and a clean slate to the segment.  It’s our mission to apply our palate of precision tool and blade making skills to a new Premium Multi-Tool market segment. 
There is nothing better for the consumer than competition for their business, so here we are!

The Problem

We come to you with a unique solution to an obvious multitool dilemma: How much is enough?

We believe less is more. 
The more tools and gadgets and extra stuff on a knife/multitool, the more likely you are to never use it.  Why?  Simple…it’s too bulky to carry!  Our founder says, “It’s better to have 3 good tools in your pocket all the time than have 27 tools back in your glovebox or in your nightstand or desk.”

Think of Legos from the early days:  very little variety and so fun because creativity and imagination were the only limits. 
These days kids have so many specific perfectly engineered little parts they can’t build anything without a 30-page manual! 

Our Solution

Modular tool flexibility. MTF is the keystone of our tools.

Buy a base model and set it up any way you like. 
With 4 premium blade types and an ever-growing list of tools, you can count on setting up a multi-tool any way you like. 
You might not even set it up with a blade at all! 
We have been setting them up as companion tools with 4 tool options to accompany your dedicated EDC knife.


The generic steel multitools exist everywhere. Not interested.

We wanted to make the finest tools, from the finest materials and to do that requires unrelenting reach for excellence, fearlessness, audacity, and the absolute best steels, Titanium, and molds that money can buy. 
Our steels are powdered stainless alloys from Niagara Specialty Metal in upstate New York, our Titanium is mined in Ohio and our plastic injection molded scales are made right here in Scottsdale, Arizona from American made plastic material suppliers.

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