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Give me a lever and a place to stand and I can move the Earth… well, we don’t need to move it, just change it a little bit!  Now available for quick delivery a single-stack with our two most practical tools – chisel and bottle opener.  The ATLAS™.  As many of you carry a full-time EDC blade here is your new best friend.  Simple, light, effective.  CPM® steel, Ti liners, Ti hardware, exclusive color and graphic…More American made excellence from ASK®.

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Knife Specs
Knife Weight 1.5 oz
Knife Closed Length 3.7 in
Opening Mechanism Slip Joint, Prerelease lobe
Handle Color Battle Ship Gray
Handle Material Injection Molded Plastic
Tool Type Chisel
Tool Length 1.52 in.
Bottle Opener Type Standard
Bottle Opener Length 1.25in

1 review for ATLAS™


    ok, bitchin’ little tool. in my pocket when i need it most. can’t wait for half-blade option and then bottle opener, i’ll be all set.

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