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The American Service Knife is a premium quality American made option to mass produced cheap stamped trinket knives that most owners and buyers don’t actually take seriously. This is a chance to be part of a new  offering from a venerated American brand in the knife industry. Medford Knife and Tool brings 15 years of global ultra-high-end knife making experience to the every-man price point. Imagine a $240 knife that brings the sexiest traits and materials of the $800 knife market…Titanium, CPM S45VN Crucible powdered stainless steel, Titanium hardware and more.

exploded view of Service Knife


Americans and every free thinker globally, likes things their own way for their own needs. The aftermarket for cars and phones and almost everything is staggeringly large. The ASK knife can have every component switched out for more favored tools, blades, handles, and be completely reconfigured for thickness as well. Custom handles, specialty tools and complete customizable configuring allows your customer to set up their ASK the way THEY like to use their pocket tool/knife.


Classic Orange Jefferson ASK Knife Chisel Tool Bottle Opener drop point blade

The Jefferson™ Knife

Grabber Orange handles w standard polish
Tool / Blade Configuration:
Drop point Blade, Chisel, bottle opener

Gunny green Washington Range Finder tool Tanto Blade Bolt Scraper AR Tool

The Washington™ Knife

OD Green handles w standard polish
Tool / Blade Configuration:
Mono-tanto Blade, Bolt scraper tool, Rangefinder bottle opener

Hi-Viz Orange Adventurer Bottle opener awl tool wharncliffe blade

The Alchesay™ Knife

Hi-Vis Orange handles w standard polish 
Tool / Blade Configuration:
Wharncliffe Blade, sewing awl, bottle opener, screw driver

Blue Iron Sides Navigator 1/4 turn Tool Seax Blade Bottle Opener

The Iron Sides™ Knife

Corsair Blue handles w standard polish
Tool / Blade Configuration:
Seax Blade, 1/4 turn Dzus fastener blade drive, 1/4″ & 3/8″ wrenches, bottle opener


The ASK is not “principally” made in USA, it’s not just assembled in USA from global parts, it’s not “globally sourced,” but rather it is 100% Made in the United States of America. Every Titanium screw turned in Florida, every Titanium liner/spacer in Mesa Arizona, every ABS, polycarbonate, Carb-x, or Ultex handle is made in Scottsdale, AZ and every tool, blade or spacer/spring is made in our factory in Phoenix, AZ.


📐16" Square Base

📏 5' 8" Standing Tall


🚪Internal Storage

🔄 Rotate 28 Knives

🔐 Lock Secure

📲 QR Scan Interactive

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